Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Hot damn its Cinco de Mayo, oh yeah, wait, whoopty fucking do da. Am I a Mexican? No, I'm a ninJa. Do I give a shit about the fact some mexicans defeated some frogs on may 5th? No. Texas should succeed and we could give Mexico Texas as a Cinco de Mayo present. See what they do with the shithole, hey, hey now...Don't mess with Texas .....(because its not nice to pick on retards). But master ninJa, Cinco de Mayo is a holiday watered down by America's frat boy culture, so it's drinking holiday, right? Every fucking holiday is a drinking holiday and anyone of those where someone preferentially hands me a corona, goes low on my list. In closing here are some pictures of happy Mexicans for Cinco de Mayo and one picture of the burro that had to haul all the piss water corona up the hill to the bar last night.

Drink one for me, oh wait, too late, and please keep your fruit in your own beer,
The Reclusive Blue NinJa