Thursday, May 7, 2009

Um yeah........

So as I just learned from, The Devil Wears Prada (I utterly refuse to abbreviate the gay ass band names) is going to out sell the new chimaira album. Okay....beyond the first understandable and justified first reaction of mass slaughter, I think, this is probably a good thing. Let the fuck-tards swarm Best-Buy and Wal-Mart and: 1. boost the economy with the money they accumulated last Tuesday sucking the dicks of dead dogs (if you don't get the song reference, you need culture), 2. Keep your ass out of real metal or real music for that matter. Did the lead winer's mom come up with the name for this band or did he just read it off the label on her shirt as he was breast feeding? and 3. It gives me something to bitch about. Again, the PUSSIFICATION of America (another reference that you should know and if you don't stop licking the lead paint and get some fucking culture). So my vote, if The Devil Wears Prada wants publicity I say lets give them the swine flu and send them to Egypt. Those motherfuckers know how to handle shit, just kill it all. and it closing, here is a picture to ponder while your world is being devoured by the swine flu, or by the unrelenting stupidity of the human race, flip a coin, then eat it, the zinc will protect you from the swine flu and make you breath minty fresh.

As Always,
The Reclusive Blue NinJa

FUCK ALLAH, were outta BACON!!!!!!!

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