Monday, May 4, 2009

Hello and goodbye......

On a brilliant wave of lightning from the 6 or 7 corners of Egypt, a blistering beluge of noise that makes the meek scream "God What an Awful Racket", and a flood of beer from the crystal streams of Milwaukee that would make Moses run for his inhaler ushers in the end of an era. At this time the reclusive blue ninja is out of work (for a bit), has began the month of Debauchery 2009 and is slated for the the cumbersomely named "Bring Debauchery 2009 to the east side of the US" tour. It's been a long road and a long time coming for the reclusive one, battles of epic proportion, constant scheduling errors and the ever constant battle with remembering to put the trash out on Thursday takes its toll on the ever shadowed one. There's an epic history to insert here that may be written one day if we can train the peasants your english writing but until then it remains a story only told on the second Tuesday of August during a leap year or the day Texas succeeds, because the blue ninja has been dreaming of that for sometime... Anyway as you sit there flipping between this and quadriplegic midget porn hosted by Sarah Palin (assuming anybody reads this shit), The end has come, the line now stretches from this makeshift lair to dark side of Pluto (its still a planet because I'm old school, so fuck off) of the minions who now line up to kiss the shadowed one's ass. A call was put out and the flocks came and they all will be sent home with a care package of Maybelline cover up for the boot print to their face (provided free of charge for the first 754 contestants), an empty can of Old Mil and a nice hearty cup of shut the fuck up. Behold, my friends and random motherfuckers jacking off at Starbucks with nothing else to do, the end marks the beginning of the shadowed one beginning this thing you call a blog. Many stories have passed and will go untold, many more will come and I'll probably forget them but anyway, tune in, and see what happens.
Until the swans return from Mogadishu,
The Reclusive Blue Ninja

P.S. Tell your mom thanks...

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