Tuesday, May 5, 2009


And its that fast......

Is it me or am I the only fucking person who doesn't give a two shits and a fuck about the fact you're having a baby? I'm not clapping, not putting money in the collection plate and I'm in the process of not giving a shit. Keep your indiscretions to yourself and shut the fuck up. I've got plenty of shit to worry about, did I leave the oven on, finding the right ceil blue headgear, trying no to listen to the voice that tells me to strangle the next person who tells me any band better than GWAR, these are real problems, that I do not ask for your help with so leave me alone. And I'm supposed to rejoice that there's another bundle of puke and shit on the way that I have to listen to in the line at the ABC store or at the Adult Superstore trying to pick out your mom's mother's day present. Keep your health problems to yourself, and don't ask me to care, because I don't. And if you're incapable of completing your daily tasks, I don't feel sorry for you, stay at home and suck some more cock.

Hugs and Kisses,
The reclusive Blue NinJa

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